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The Villa Conte Riccardi Inn is the ideal place to experience the authentic sensation of Monferrato: charming landscape, simple and spontaneous people, old peasant tradition that you can find in the art and gastronomy, noble stories of feuds, castle and knights.....and really full of story is the construction of the Villa.

Located at the top of a hill, in a green and wide park, the Inn rises above the village of Rocca d'Arazzo, few kilometres from Asti, famous for the well known wines and perfumed truffles and for begin the native town of Alfieri the seat of the Pallium.


Villa Conte Riccardi - Via al Monte, 7 - 14030 Rocca d'Arazzo (AT) - info@hotelvillacontericcardi.it - P. Iva 001542430051

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